Indoor Climbing Instructor Traineeship

A traineeship with support, activities, instruction and coaching throughout

Our future Instructors

Being a climbing instructor is a fantastically rewarding role and an amazing career choice, and becoming an indoor climbing instructor is a fantastic platform from which to leap in to this awesome career. It can also be either a great standalone career working at a growing number of climbing centres across the UK or used in conjunction with other qualifications as an outdoor instructor.

Our Indoor Climbing Instructor Traineeship (ICI) came about after receiving feedback from various trainees and instructors, as they would have preferred a more supportive pathway to becoming a climbing instructor. So we sat down and designed a great package based on this feedback we know will get you on the right track in an achievable time-frame. It is not a fast track scheme, and we provide no shortcuts to the qualification, but what we do provide is comprehensive feedback and a support package to ensure you have a very strong chance of passing your qualification and provide you with the best possible start to your climbing career.

This course is about preparing you as you work towards becoming a qualified climbing instructor, and to prepare you as fully as is possible for the post-assessment workplace as a confident and independent worker. The course is packed full of hints, tips, problem solving, games and many other activities to make sure you hit the ground running, but also feel completely prepared for your assessment when you’re ready.

What do you get?

Excellent question, well, all of the below:

  • 1 day per week for 12 weeks, instruction, coaching and teaching by a qualified and experienced instructor
  • 8-hour Emergency Outdoor First Aid
  • Priority access to assist our client sessions
  • Entry to walls on the days above
  • Hire of equipment from MER
  • Experience at multiple venues
  • Access to a DMM discount
  • Dedicated WhatsApp group for support and additional learning
  • One-to-one feedback and action plan each week

And, of course, when pre-requisites are in place:

  • Mckinlay Mountaineering, in conjunction with My Expedition Rocks, will run the Climbing Wall Instructor Training and Assessment courses likely based out of The Big Depot in Leeds and The Climbing Hub in Bradford

However these are not included:

  • Additional visits to the climbing centres
  • Hire equipment directly from a climbing centre
  • Travel to and from centres, though we encourage liftshare
  • Food and drink
  • BMC Membership (from £33.00)
  • Mountain Training Climbing Wall Instructor registration fee (£49.00)
  • Re-assessments or additional courses

We work hard with you to make every effort to prepare you for assessment, we will however in discussions with you, postpone your assessment if we feel this is the right choice, and provide you with an on-going action plan, which we will review monthly.

Pre-requistes for the Indoor Climbing Instructor Traineeship:

  • 6-months climbing experience, ideally with 20+ visits
  • Minimum top-rope climber, not just bouldering
  • 17+ years old, though for assessment you will need to be 18 year old

If you have questions about the course do not hesitate to get in touch, we are more than happy to help and support you in making a big decision, we will never steer you wrong.

Don’t yet have the experience to join us? Get in touch with climbing centres to start a Beginners Climbing Course, and get yourself on the road to becoming a climbing instructor. Do make sure this is a roped course at walls such as The Big Depot, The Climbing Hub and/or Parthian Harrogate. Then it is about getting to the wall to get that experience built up.

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