Our Impact

We accept that tourism has an impact on the environment and local people.

Our Impact


At My Expedition Rocks, we recognise that our activities have an impact on both the physical environment and the communities that we visit, both in the UK and abroad. We look to minimise any negative impact as far as we can.

We follow the basic principles that any responsible organisation should be doing, such as minimising the use of resources, sourcing recycled, sustainable products where resource-use is unavoidable, repairing rather than replacing where practical and ensuring that all of our team are involved in our desire to minimise the negative impacts caused by our activities.

Beyond this, we have identified ways that we can minimise any negative effects of our activities in the following ways:


We minimise the need to travel wherever possible, however, the nature of our business requires us to move around the UK and the globe. We use fuel-efficient vehicles and promote the minimal use of them, including, offering staff and clients meeting points to share journeys to our activity venues. We travel by land wherever possible, but when air travel is required, we look to book direct flights, rather than stop-over, minimising the heavy CO2 emissions required on take-off. We promote the use of Economy Class seats for our clients, which are up to 35% less polluting than business or first-class seating.


We incorporate environmental and social awareness into our activities. From our recycling of litter we collect during our activities into new team-building equipment, using the equipment available from Precious Plastic, to the sustainability elements of our Bushcraft, Climbing & guiding activities, everything we offer has an eye on education.

Venue Choice

Unlike many adventure operators, we look to venture to several locations, as opposed to the same ones repetitively. You won’t find us offering the traditional three-peaks challenges for this reason. Overuse of popular areas has negative effects in terms of erosion, damage to habitat and concentrates economic benefits in small areas. At My Expedition Rocks, we are as excited to visit new areas as you are, spreading both the impact and the benefits of our activities.


We aim to buy all of our goods and services from like-minded organisations who work to benefit both the environment and value community wellbeing. We demand responsibility from our suppliers, working only with people who understand their social and environmental responsibilities. Wherever possible our communication with both suppliers and customers will use no consumable products such as paper, or unnecessary transport.  We also aim to buy quality equipment that requires minimal maintenance, and is built to last, as opposed to cheap and often not built to last.

In short, we believe that a cleaner, healthier and more equal future begins with the decisions we all make every day. We are constantly striving to improve how we use nature’s resources and looking for ways to use our business to improve the lives of others.