Mountain Training - Mountain Skills

Off the beaten path and to your own mountain adventures

Mountain Adventures

This 2-day course will introduce to the below, but also many other interesting aspects enjoyed by mountain walkers.  Walks that are chosen each day will not only be to develop the skills to travel the mountains safely, but also highlight environmental, historical, geological and other interests that surround us. The Lake District is wonderful location to explore for years, whether this is the coppermines, classic mountain scrambles, ridge walks, Roman roads and more.

We cover a whole range of skills that will be beneficial to you as a mountain walker:

  • Route Planning – selecting appropriate maps
  • Walking skills – developing technique walking over steep terrain, use of poles in ascent and descent
  • Clothing and equipment – discussing items that differ to what you might have in you hill bag
  • Weather – how this affects your planning, route and your equipment choices
  • Navigation – maps, compasses and when and how to use them
  • Environment – maintaining a low impact whilst adventuring, recognising flora and fauna
  • Emergencies and hazards – avoidance, but also how to deal with these unfortunate occurrences

Previous experience

Summer hill walking experience is essential. A reasonable level of fitness will help you to get the most from the day.

Hill & Mountain Skills Scheme Handbook

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