Rock Climbing Club

Come learn the ropes and reach new heights!

Reach New Heights

Our popular climbing clubs for kids have grown and there is nothing like watching a young person grow in to an independent rock climber. We use both indoor (winter) and outdoor (summer) venues to develop well-rounded and experienced climbers, encouraging a passion and confidence in their ability and sport.

The outdoor venues we use are inspiring locations, like Almscliffe, Ilkley Cow & Calf and Brimham Rocks and encourage not just physical and mental challenge, but also problem solving, risk management and resilience. Rain or shine there is always something to learn, and it is also a great opportunity for young people to see the positive, no matter the weather.

Indoor venues used include The Climbing Hub, Parthian Harrogate and The Big Depot Leeds, and all have fantastic facilities to ensure learning outcomes and more importantly a great time is achievable. All have their individual personalities, and we exploit those personalities to ensure the kids get the most out of their climbing, developing continuously to become an independent climber.

Novice or Advanced?

We have two groups depending on demand and ability. Please find our pre-requisites below for clubs.

Novice: Beginner climber through to confident top rope climber indoors with efficient belaying and knot tying.

Advanced: Moving on to lead climbing indoors or building own anchors outdoors with support and potentially lead climbing as well.

Learning outcomes

    1. Roped climbing
    2. Bouldering
    3. Ropework
    4. Communication
    5. Safety and risk awareness

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