Rock Climbing for Kids

Let your budding climbers explore the rocks

Rock On!

During the holidays we have a number of climbing activity days for kids at venues across the Yorkshire area, absolutely perfect locations to build your child’s, or children’s hunger for adventure. With abseils, infamous climbs and the little known, but much loved weaselling.  Weaselling is the exploration of the nooks and crannies of the rocks, including crawls, climbs, shuffles, squeezes and more.

The day will be split in half with the group exploring the vast and amazing venues, through bouldering and weaselling, using our noses to search out adventures and challenges.  The other half of the day will include roped climbing and abseils on the crag.  These will be a great introductory routes, allowing your child or children the opportunity to not just have a climbing experience, but also learn how to use equipment, like belaying, tying their own knots and working together to develop a foundation of skills.

Venues at present include:

Ilkley Cow & Calf – a venue with a view over the expanse of the Wharfedale valley.  Exposed, and offering amazing climbing and bouldering, but also, though not as extensive as Brimham Rocks, has an amazing weaselling circuit amongst boulders and trees, which offers amazing adventures.  Ilkley also has several different abseil of varying challenge, which are brilliant.

Brimham Rocks – an inspiring venue amazing venue with rock formations with various names, can you find them?  The Dancing Bear, Smartie Tube or Blacksmith’s Anvil, just to name a few. It is an inspiring location, and even after a day of exploration, we’ll probably only see 20% or so, which means there are so many more adventures to be had, and no two adventures are ever the same.

Depending on the season we run our climbing days at slightly different timings, this is to accommodate both the weather and daylight hours.

09:30 – 16:30 – May – September

10:00 – 16:00 – October – April

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