Key Stage 2

Bringing subjects to life in the outdoors

Education is an Adventure

Key stage 2 students develop greater interest in subjects, and it’s hardly surprising with topics like, Romans, Mayans, Stone Age, Egyptians, Rivers, Mountains and many more.  But we can also shape the activities to a particular part of the National Curriculum by conducting surveys, grouping, navigation and river studies.  Exploring these topics through adventure can highlight hardships faced (Stone Age or World War 2) or the creativity of these industrial civilisations (Romans and Mayans).

We endeavour to incorporate any National Curriculum topics, and we usually make good use of English, maths, science, design, art, geography and history throughout the sessions we design.

For example, in our Rivers and Habitats topic, we may include the below activities:

  • Students are split in to groups to work as a team
  • They are given a mini beast pot and ID swatch
  • They are given a Tree ID swatch
  • They are also given a clipboard to record findings

Throughout this activity they will be supported and monitored by our staff to record what they find around a water way, getting in to the shallow stream or river bed, and observing what they find along the banks, and nearby areas.

Covering: Maths, English, Science and Geography.

Skills developed: Confidence, Team work, Communication (written and verbal), Observation and Organisation.

There can be many different benefits to these sessions, not just the example named above.  On enquiry, we will discuss your needs and the needs of your class, and how we can meet them with you.  We work to make the day as beneficial as possible, whilst maintaining a fun and engaging programme of activity.


“The children really enjoyed the workshop as they were really engaged. They learnt life skills like tying a rope, building a fire etc It really gave an insight of how difficult it was to live in the Stone Age.” – Miss Khan, Year 3, Westminster CofE Primary Academy (Stone Age)

“I have taken three classes out with John and each year this is  something the pupils look forward to. John picks out curriculum objectives and adapts them to outdoor activities for the children. This combines our curriculum learning with valuable outdoor skills. The children have lots of fun at Forest Schools and it is a memorable part of our school year. I think it is extremely valuable for pupils to take part in Forest schools, particularly with the growing use of technology, as it allows them to appreciate and experience the outdoors. They learn new skills and get to use outdoor equipment, which is something they always find particularly interesting. Forest Schools is a valuable experience and a time for children to develop their knowledge of the outdoors and experience new and exciting things. The children begin to appreciate nature and our beautiful surroundings and can incorporate these experiences into family life.” – Miss Baker, Year 3, Oakworth Primary School

“My Expedition Rocks has worked with Oakworth Primary School for over a year, and have created professional relationships with all the staff and students they have worked with. They link children’s learning to their current class topic be it Romans, Vikings, Egyptians and many more. They have a great knowledge base, and will research the local area and take advantage of the beautiful surroundings, in addition, they will provide all the materials needed for lessons taking the pressure off teaching staff to organise such things.” – Mr Bradley, PE Leader, Oakworth Primary School

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