Key Stage 1

Bringing the outdoors to you

Learning in the outdoors

Key stage 1 is a great time for kids to get outside to contextualise their learning.  They are usually full of energy and sponges for information, ready to learn, or at least have a go.  School settings can be limiting and challenging for children of this age when the topic is practical, and it is great to get them outdoors to really bring it to life.  Whether this is orienteering, pirates, celebrations or many other exciting topics, we will work with you to help bring these to life.

We endeavour to incorporate any National Curriculum topics, and we usually make good use of English, maths, science, design, art, geography and history throughout the sessions we design.

For example, in our Rivers and Habitats topic, we may include the below activities:

  • Students are split in to groups to work as a team
  • They are given a mini beast pot and ID swatch
  • They are given a Tree ID swatch
  • They are also given a clipboard to record findings

Throughout this activity they will be supported and monitored by our staff to record what they find around a water way, getting in to the shallow stream or river bed, and observing what they find along the banks, and nearby areas.

Covering: Maths, English, Science and Geography.

Skills developed: Confidence, Team work, Communication (written and verbal), Observation and Organisation.

There can be many different benefits to these sessions, not just the example named above.  On enquiry, we will discuss your needs and the needs of your class, and how we can meet them with you.  We work to make the day as beneficial as possible, whilst maintaining a fun and engaging programme of activity.


“All the activities were really well planned and resourced and were age and curriculum appropriate. The children really enjoyed each session and I’m sure learned a lot (as did the staff!). Thank you for sharing your resources too – the children enjoyed using the map of the playground for their Easter hunt (as well as consolidating the learning they began in the park. I just wish we could have had more sessions.” – Mrs Wise, Year 1, Oakworth Primary School (4-week programme, Orienteering and Outdoor Crafts)

“My class really enjoyed both of the outdoor learning sessions that John organised. The first session of learning archery skills was practical and really fun and engaging for the children. Our second session was a full day of team building and problem-solving activities that the class got really involved with. We all had a great day and can’t wait for some more outdoor learning sessions in the future.” – Miss Tilley, Class 1, Stanbury Village Primary School (Team building tasks and archery)

“John understood the children and pitched the session accordingly, once he recognised the lack of worldly experience these children have (many don’t even know what nettles are, or that they sting!).  His sense of humour suited everyone on the trip and his knowledge and forward planning was amazing.  This is the second trip with this company and both experiences have been worthwhile.  I am organised and have a lot of natural history knowledge, but I am happy to say I learned LOTS on this trip.  Many thanks John.” – Mrs Westwell, Year 2, West Street Community School (River Studies and Habitats)

“My Expedition Rocks has worked with Oakworth Primary School for over a year, and have created professional relationships with all the staff and students they have worked with. They link children’s learning to their current class topic be it Romans, Vikings, Egyptians and many more. They have a great knowledge base, and will research the local area and take advantage of the beautiful surroundings, in addition, they will provide all the materials needed for lessons taking the pressure off teaching staff to organise such things.” – Mr Bradley, PE Leader, Oakworth Primary School

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