We believe the youngest are the most adventurous

Little Adventures

The great outdoors is a place of learning and endless opportunity for all, but especially our youngest.  They are driven by curiosity and intrigue in natures work, and allowing them to explore it is vital in not only their physical development, but also their emotional development.  Uneven ground, searching for mini-beasts, using tools, building shelters and finding the wonder of colours and diversity of a woodland.  Whatever it is, the learning is relevant and can be tied in to the National Curriculum through a variety of topics.

We endeavour to incorporate any National Curriculum topics, and we usually make good use of English, maths, science, design, art, geography and history throughout the sessions we design.

For example, in our Celebrations topic, we may include the below activities:

  • Prepare and cut up apples for toffee apples
  • Encourage the children to find sticks for the fire
  • Feed the fire, one by one with our sticks
  • Make a toffee sauce for our apples
  • Allow the children to drag their apples on the sticks through the toffee
  • Allow them to cool, then devour

Covering: Science, Technology, English

Skills developed: Observation, Organisation, Confidence, Creativit and Risk awareness

There can be many different benefits to these sessions, not just the example named above.  On enquiry, we will discuss your needs and the needs of your class, and how we can meet them with you.  We work to make the day as beneficial as possible, whilst maintaining a fun and engaging programme of activity.


“An amazing experience, one that many children will probably never have again, delivered safely and professionally under the supervision of someone who is clearly passionate about outdoor learning.  It was great to see how even the youngest children responded from foraging for sticks for the fire to cooking and sitting around it.  A fabulous time had by both staff and children, would certainly recommend.” – Mrs Spargo, Reception, Lees Primary School

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