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In recent years Outdoor learning and Outdoor education have really become ever further researched, evidencing the benefits when incorporated in to various subjects and topics to aid learning.  Other important benefits include the positive contributions physical, personal and social development and health.

As a company specialising in Outdoor Learning all our sessions are staffed with highly qualified staff providing the support you need to meet, and exceed, the expectations of your students.  They are either long standing outdoor education staff and/or have a teaching background.  This ensures we understand your needs, and we are able to relate the activity to your subject or topic.

Experiencing the world beyond the classroom really helps engage students, and brings subjects to life.  These can be delivered in line with the National Curriculum, providing fun and engaging experiences, whether this is on the hunt for mini beasts, measuring and surveying a stream or cooking a Stone Age fruit stew from scratch.

We really value the ‘Challenge by Choice’ ethos, and as such we will always encourage participation in a voluntary capacity.  This has been proven to increase confidence and independence,  but also allows the individual to take their time to engage at their level.  Our instructors will work with you and your students to positively develop initiative, self motivation, resilience, commitment, working as part of a team and independence.

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Wild Passport

We also offer the Wild Passport scheme, which provides a structure to bushcraft sessions, and is progressive and an easy to follow pathway for children and teachers alike.  It can be started as early as 5 years old, with a progression over 5-6 years to become an expert outdoors person.  It is split in to 5 different levels:

  • Beginner
  • Advanced Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Proficient
  • Expert

Each level has 25 learning outcomes associated with each, and within those learning outcomes many skills which support a young persons learning in the classroom as well.  The programme requires regular participation, please get in touch to discuss a programme if this would be of interest to you and your school.

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