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What can the outdoors do for you?

When you think of good wellbeing, what comes to mind?  We, at My Expedition Rocks, believe it is a fine balance, where everything in our lives feels as though it is running along smoothly, which in turn helps us feel happy and content for that moment in time.

Balance though in the hustle and bustle of everyday life is difficult, with school, work, meetings, chores, hobbies and interests, children, family and social lives to be accommodated, we pack our lives full to bursting.  It is no wonder that mental health is such a hot topic, and rightfully so.  Poor mental health leads to far more than just feeling sad or anxious, it can ruin lives, impact the work place and your career, affect exam results and school work, disrupt relationships in families and friends and isolation and cycle of habitual behaviour which can be hard to break.

Whether it is for yourself, family or children, we believe that outdoor activity, even very low level, can provide that balance over time.  Giving you not just physical activity, but also the ability to develop resilience, self regulation, confidence and build self-esteem, and a new set of skills to get outdoors safely.  We work alongside you to encourage these skills with well managed risk taking, and locally where possible, to enhance your likelihood of future participation on your own.


Recently we worked with a foster parent (D) and their child (J), to develop a more mutually respecting relationship, due to friction at home.  The plan was to take them for a short walk in to the mountains, camp overnight in our own tents, and cook all our own meals.  We would then walk back down the following day at leisure.  Throughout we would give D and J some control over their expedition, like the opportunity to pick their own campsite, mealtimes, equipment and packing.  This is what both of them had to say after their overnight wild camp in the Lake District:

D (foster parent) – “The planning and organising of the overnight wild camp was second to none. John provided any equipment we didn’t have, which took the pressure off me as a carer having to buy it. The weather was wet and cold but that didn’t dampen our spirits and I truly felt that my relationship with my foster child reached another level. John was very informative throughout and has excellent knowledge of all things outdoors. I would love to do this experience again, but for longer.”

J (14 year old foster child) – “I really enjoyed myself even though it didn’t stop raining the whole time. I know I can camp anywhere now I have done that. I would do it again but either in spring or autumn.”

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