After School Club

Life skills and great after school activities

After School Club

After school activities are a fantastic way to introduce your children to a range of activities a bite size at a time.  If your school is looking to introduce new activities for after school club they can do so for 1-2 hours and we take care of all the admin for you if this is preferred.

You can choose from three activities, and these activities are great as we follow a qualification framework for each.  So not only do you get great childcare for them with fun activities, but they may also walk away with a certificate too!

  • Archery – ArcheryGB Progress Awards
    • Based on achieving greater accuracy and achieving set scores and set distances
  • Woodland Explorers – Wild Passport
    • 25 Skills per level, 125 in total
    • 5 levels (Beginner to Expert)
    • 5 areas of expertise (Fire, Woodcraft, Shelter, Ropework and Nature)
  • First Aid – Mini Medics
    • Life-skills in first aid

Your school will need appropriate grounds suitable for the activities you have chosen, and an inspection of your grounds may be required prior to any activity being booked, this is usually a short visit.

Costs for your after school club will be specific to your locality from our base, and will need to meet a minimum number.  If you would like the minimum number to be less, this can be negotiated, but will mean it will be a little more expensive per person.  We can accommodate up to 12 for Archery and 16 for Woodland Explorers.  6-week blocks start from:

  • Archery
    • £46.50 (£7.75 per person – 1 hour)
    • £60.00 (£10.00 per person – 1.5 hours)
  • Woodland Explorers
    • £39.00 (£6.50 per person – 1 hour)
    • £54.00 (£9.00 per person – 1.5 hours)
  • First Aid – Mini Medics
    • £46.50 (£7.75 per person – 1 hour)

If you would like your school to consider such a club, please ask them to get in touch, or send them this link.  We just need access to grounds where we have permission from the landowner.

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