Mountain Biking

Take a ride in the countryside and feel the world of adventure on two wheels

What a Ride!

Mountain Biking 458

Various marked trails lie around the UK, from the of The North Face Trail in Grizedale Forest to the technical and fast Stainburn Forest. However, there is truly wondrous adventures to be had if you know where to look. Bridleways and tracks offer great days out for the beginner and experienced alike, and you don’t need to pay for parking, as quite often you can leave from your own home or take a short drive.

Our course for the day will use a purpose-built course at Broughton Hall to develop a number of skills on a mountain bike. In the afternoon we will head off-site to find ourselves a number of trails to whet the appetite for more adventures. We will use roads, bridleways and tracks, which are all public rights of way. Skills include:

  • Bike skills
  • Map reading
  • Basic repairs and repair kit to be carried
  • Equipment
  • Other users

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