Rock Climbing Club

Come learn the ropes and reach new heights!

Reach New Heights

Rock climbing is one of the fastest growing adventure sports, and it’s popularity is not surprising especially when it made it’s first appearance in the Olympics in 2021. There are a couple of ways to learn climbing, the most popular being the indoor climbing centre, which offer great facilities, but why not outside during the summer months?
We believe there is a great deal to offer young people learning rock climbing skills. Due to the added risk and exposure of the great outdoors, we embed safe practice and skills, and plenty of opportunities to practice this new sport, but if your child starts with us indoors, then we’ll give them a solid foundation of skill to reap the benefits outdoors. We use Ilkley Cow & Calf during the summer months and The Climbing Hub in Bradford during the winter months and are great venues to develop many skills, including technique and general fitness.

Core modules

    1. Climbing
    2. Bouldering
    3. Ropework
    4. Communication
    5. Safety and risk awareness

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