Kids Adventure Camp

Overnight woodland adventure for kids

Woodland Adventure

Our Adventure Camps are full of activities and adventure. Starting at 10:00 on day 1, we have a briefing, put up our tents for the night, followed by dumping our kit, and then we’re off. Activities include:

  • Bushcraft
  • Archery
  • Roped activities
  • Wide games
  • Camp fire
  • And more

The programme doesn’t finish until 16:00 the following day, with activity throughout, and opportunities to just chill out when we can to relax and enjoy the environment that we’re in.


All activities are challenge by choice, we will always encourage children to have a go, but by no means will we ever force them.  We may offer alternatives, a soft touch version, whereby they may develop the technique or pick up another role throughout the activity, as to ensure they can develop confidence, and not be discouraged from having a go in the future.


Meals will be provided, and where possible we will endeavour to accommodate dietary requirements.  There will be a refilling station for drinks and light snacks/fruit.  We ask, unless due to dietary needs, that no snacks are taken in to tents to avoid animals making entry in to the tents to find your food.  They tend to chew their way through the tent to do this.  Foods should be labelled with your name and we can store this safely for you.


All equipment can be borrowed from ourselves:

  • sleeping bags
  • sleeping mats
  • boots, if necessary, though wellies will be better

However, we do recommend bringing your own if possible.  Please do let us know what items you require, and please do not hesitate to get in touch if there is an item you are unsure about.  Check out the kit list for all items required.


A camp isn’t a camp without a fire.  We will enjoy the evening before bed time next to a fire, roast some marshmallows and other foods, and have a hot beverage to help wrap up the first day nicely.  Depending on the weather we may maintain a fire throughout for warmth, but if the weather is great, this will be just on the evening.

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