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Kids Holiday Activities

Kids Trigpoint Portrait

It’s always a bit of a mystery, entertaining the kids over each school holiday. Fear not, My Expedition Rocks has some excellent activity programmes on offer. With great opportunities to learn new skills and develop existing ones, the UK is a great place to explore. Our fully qualified instructors ensure your kids will have a great experience, develop new skills, independence, teamwork, make new friends, and most of all, have a great time!

There are a number of great activities to choose from. From exploring one of the most amazing rock climbing venues in the UK, Brimham, to learning how to build a natural shelter and build a fire. We even have a cross over programme with a number of activities, including an overnight stay in our amazing and spacious bell tents. This is a 28 hour stay, and doesn’t stop, except for food and sleep.

Activity programs include:

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