Bushcraft Club

For those who aspire to know more

Learn more worry less

This is half-term course is for the aspiring bushcrafter. It is aimed at developing a foundation of skills and knowledge of a novice bushcrafter through the Wild Passport syllabus.  The activities encourage managing risk and understanding consequences of those risks, whilst also learning life skills and building confidence.

This is a full-on course for those interested in looking after and using the outdoors responsibly.  Unlike our Kids Bushcraft Experience course, this course develops skills and knowledge of the outdoors.  Each block of courses will have a main theme, for example, ‘Nature’, where we will not just identify plants, trees and other features, but how to use them for fire, woodcraft, rope and shelter.  Whereas the next theme maybe focussing on ‘Rope’ how to make it, it’s use as a tool and where we source it from in nature.

Core modules

  1. Woodcraft
  2. Shelter
  3. Fire
  4. Nature
  5. Rope

need to know

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