Kids Adventure Clubs

When kids want to play out, it is handy to give them the tools to have safe and fun adventures

Regular Adventure

Adventure clubs as an adult are easy to find, whether it’s a mountaineering or a paddling club.  Whereas kids join Scouts, Guides, Boys Brigade or many others that exist, and don’t get to regularly build experience and knowledge in a single subject area like a sports club, football, gymnastics or otherwise.  This can be a little difficult for some children, specifically when they’re interested in a particular outdoor activity.  The other difficulty is accessible locations and keeping variety.

Having spent some time pulling these activities together, we have come up with some programmes we believe your children are going to love, but also finish each term at a stage where they can begin to feel independence, build self-confidence and self-esteem, and most of all an ever-growing passion for the activity itself.

Clubs that are currently scheduled to start April 2021, and others that are in the pipeline are listed below.  They are booked on a half-term basis, and are progressive and end with a graduation of their performance at the relevant level.

  • Archery
  • Bushcraft
  • Rock Climbing – Coming soon
  • Hill walking and navigation – Coming soon

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