Intro to Bushcraft

Learn Some Great Outdoor Living Skills

Bushcraft Skills

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Nature is an amazing place to explore, and it is scientifically proven to improve your wellbeing. With more than you think on your doorstep, let us give you the tools and ambition to seek out more. Our ancestors thrived in nature, but today we lack some basic skills, which we take for granted with supermarkets and other shops providing us with a quick and easy fix. 

Our courses aim to develop not only your understanding of the outdoors and what is available but also develop a thirst to learn more.

Depending on the course you book on to, these are the skills that you may learn:

  • Fire lighting and building
  • Improvised shelters
  • Natural shelters
  • Cordage
  • Flora and their bushcraft uses
  • Tools, personal and improvised
  • And many more

Once we arrive at camp and had a brief discussion on the content, and answered any questions that you may have, we will get stuck in straight away. The venues we have chosen are perfect for developing a solid foundation of knowledge to work from. We will also look at the time of year and exploit nature’s offerings, as Spring will be different from Autumn, and how we make things will be different.

There is so much fun and shared in bushcraft, and it can be shared with family, friends, or for the kids. Check out the links below for family and kids’ adventure days.

Kids Bushcraft

Family Bushcraft

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