Intermediate Bushcraft

The journey to becoming self reliant starts with the basics

Self sufficient

The Intro to Bushcraft was appealing, but you fancied a little more ‘meat on the bone’.  This full-on 2 day course takes you through from beginner, learning many skills, with the opportunity to practise throughout.  At the end of the course, you will have had the opportunity to learn about the environment around you, and give you the starting tools to explore the endless adventure and knowledge to be gained from exploring your local woodland.

We will provide you with all the equipment you need to ensure you understand the basics thoroughly so that you may understand your journey through bushcraft better, and develop at a steady pace.  There is no rush to the top, and we encourage developing a solid foundation of knowledge and skill from which to build.  We will also provide you with many sources of information for your course, so it is advisable to bring a camera and a notepad to jot all these down.

Content of the course includes:

  • Firecraft and safety
  • Leave no trace principles
  • Shelter construction, both man-made and natural
  • Cooking over the fire basic camp foods
  • Knife craft and safety
  • Natural and mapped navigation
  • Identification of useful plants and trees
  • Useful items to carry on a trip in the outdoors

Previous experience

No previous experience required, however these are long days in the outdoors and camping out as well in either man-made shelters or a tent.  So it is advised you have a general level of fitness as a minimum, and bring plenty of clothing and are appropriately dressed.

need to know

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