Family Rock Climbing

Reach new heights, and see who is the Spidey in your family.

Climbing Rocks!

Holiday Rock Climbing Kids

Climbing at the indoor wall is great, or the idea of climbing indoors isn’t that appealing, and the outdoors is calling you out to play, try the Family Rock Climbing Taster.  This course offers you a number of opportunities over the course of the day to develop an understanding of what climbing outdoors entails.  With the opportunity to try some top-roping, have an abseil and depending on the venue have a boulder or weaselling as well.  This is a great opportunity to give it all a go.

Let our instructors give you and your family an amazing introduction to climbing at some of the best climbing venues the UK has to offer.  We are truly surrounded by opportunities to develop from a complete beginner to a proficient climber, and we don’t even have to go that far.  All climbers no matter the age, can have a go at all of the activities.  There is even the opportunity for a little weaselling at Brimham Rocks, which is a great workout and adventure for both kids and big kids alike.

Content of the day includes:

  • Lots of quality top-rope climbing
  • Introduction to safe belaying
  • What else is there for families to do amongst the rocks?
  • Climbing calls and communication
  • Basic movement skills
  • Understanding of outdoor risk

Previous experience

No previous experience is required, but it is a full day so a reasonable level of fitness to maximise your opportunities throughout the day.

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