Building resilient teams and developing leadership skills

Develop Team Spirit

Successful, high performing teams are built on foundations of trust and great communication; they work together to solve problems, make decisions and support each other.

Similarly great leaders are adept at taking their team with them on a journey to achieve a set of clearly defined goals, and know how to work to get the very best from their people.

Using the outdoors as a vehicle, My Expedition Rocks’ highly experienced instructors work with our corporate clients, to build, develop and reinvigorate team spirit, build resilience and inspire motivation in programmes delivered in half, full and multiday residential sessions.

Fresh air, nature and the environment provide us with an inspirational setting to enable your team and leaders to grow and gain in confidence. We take the time to reflect on the outdoor activities to show and discuss how this experiential learning transfers back to the workplace and help your team and leaders to improve communications, problem solve, overcome conflict and make effective decisions.

Delivery of our activities is provided in a fully inclusive, supportive way and gives each member of your team the chance to lead, contribute to the task and support colleagues.

Our activity days and residential programmes are bespoke to your desired outcomes and enable your team to address a range of challenges within the workplace including:

  • On-boarding of new staff and apprenticeships
  • Change management situations
  • Overcoming workplace conflict
  • Developing staff resilience
  • Or simply to celebrate a great year’s performance with colleagues

Activities offered vary according to the key objectives of your event, the location, and group size. Typically programmes can include:

  • Archery
  • Bushcraft
  • Photo-orienteering
  • Team icebreaker challenges
  • Team hill walking with on route challenges
  • Fire Temple
  • Evening camp by the fire

Contact us today to find out how your team can benefit from My Expedition Rocks’ Corporate programmes and we will be happy to provide a bespoke, costed programme.

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