Bushcraft Courses

The great outdoors is calling you

The Wild Is Calling

These courses are for the aspiring outdoors person, who seeks to become independent and able to look after themselves to a certain extent with minimal equipment.  Each stage of the way introduces new tools, techniques and skills to help build a foundation of knowledge to develop in to a well-rounded bushcraft and/or outdoor person.

Our Intro to Bushcraft course offers a great insight in to the activity for those who are a little unsure of what to expect. It is only over the course of the day and offers a great array of skills to whet the appetite and hopefully stir the cauldron of interest in you.

The other courses from the Improver upwards are designed to delve deeper in to the subject and look at the environment around us more closely with the ambition of becoming independent and acquiring skills to take with you on your travels in the UK or abroad.

Courses generally include:

  • Firecraft and safety
  • Shelter
  • Water, food and cooking
  • Use of various tools dependent on the course
  • Ropework and other improvised tools

Intro to Bushcraft

Improver Bushcraft (2 days) – Coming Soon!

Intermediate Bushcraft (5 days) – Coming Soon!

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