Medical Consent Form

Let's save unnecessary paper use

Online Medical Form

This is an online copy of our Medical Consent Form, which all participants on our activities need to complete. We have a couple of simple conditions that need to be followed when completing the form.

  • All consent forms need to be fully completed, including medical and physical information, even if you have none.
  • All 18 and over adults need to complete their own form, with their email address associated with the consent form.
  • All under 18’s need to have their form completed by a parent or guardian.  We are unable to accept a form from someone else in the family, which could mean they will not be able to participate.

All of this information is confidential and none of what you share will be used for marketing or otherwise.  We have a separate newsletter link which can be found at the bottom of our website pages and you can choose to add yourself to this if you choose.

Medical Consent Form (External Site)