John Rocks


John Rocks

Instructor Bio

There are just a few things I love in life that makes it worth living. These include the adventures of the outdoors, coffee, cake, coffee and cake, travelling to new destinations, foraging to make home-made cakes and alcoholic beverages, finding new adventures on my doorstep and above all else my kids, Dora and Otto, and sharing all the above experiences with them.

I have worked in the outdoors since 2004 in the UK and abroad, and have travelled extensively with amazing adventure experiences in many countries, and still counting. Love the experience and cultures visited along the way, and always looking forward to the next opportunity. I love this work, and I endeavour to share that experience in my coaching, instruction and leading.

Aspirant International Mountain Leader
Summer Mountain Leader
Rock Climbing Instructor
Climbing Wall Development Instructor
UKCC Level 1 Archery Coach
UKCC Level 1 Paddlesport Coach
RLSS National Water Safety Management Level 2 – River, Still and Beach
MIAS Level 2 Mountain Biking Instructor
FREC Level 3 First Aid
WEMSI Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician

Relevant Qualifications

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Mountain Leader Summer, Rock Climbing Instructor, Climbing Wall Development Instructor
Level 1