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John Rocks

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John has worked in the great outdoors since 2004 in the UK and abroad, and has travelled extensively with amazing adventure experiences in many countries, and still counting. Due to his passion for travel and the great outdoors, John has begun pursuing his International Mountain Leader qualification, which encompasses all of his passions in to one qualification. This qualification also spurred on his passion to know more about his surroundings, and is regularly found foraging, trying to ID a tree, flower or grass, not always successfully, going for walks and mini-adventures with his children Dora and Otto, and planning and dreaming up new adventures to bring the outdoors in to more peoples lives.

John has worked all over the UK, and with just as many different groups, from inner city London to the middle of no where in Scotland. The groups have been varied and fun, always provoking thought and adventure not just in the outdoors, but in providing young people and adults with a taste of the outdoors to suit their needs.

John’s interest in mental health and the benefits of the outdoors grew after spending 2 years (2016-2018) in the North West Ambulance Service in Greater Manchester as an Emergency Medical Technician. Working alongside a Paramedic, he learnt a great deal about first aid, but most of all he was shocked at the lack of positive mental health within large communities. Many of the call outs he attended were related to mental health, and saw first hand the pressure the NHS is under due to, what appears to be, an ever decaying mental health service. Working with colleagues in the Mental Health arena, Ella and Jenny, he is working to develop a programme to encourage positive mental health progressively within young people and families.

• Aspirant International Mountain Leader
• Summer Mountain Leader
• Rock Climbing Instructor
• Climbing Wall Development Instructor
• Archery GB Coach
• Paddlesports Coach
• Bushcraft Certificate from Woodlore
• National Water Safety Management Programme Level 2 – River, Beach and Still
• WEMSI Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician (80 hours)
• First Response Emergency Care Level 3 (FREC)
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Mountain Leader Summer, Rock Climbing Instructor, Climbing Wall Development Instructor
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