Expedition Pathway

How Does it Work When You Book an Expedition?

Expedition Pathway

We will look after you throughout the experience, from booking, pre-expedition training, kitting yourselves up (including a discount with select suppliers) right through to the expedition itself.

What to Expect

Step 1 – Enquiry

We are experienced expedition providers who are able to advise you or your organisation on the most suitable destinations and activities for you, or your students to achieve your goals and desired outcomes in an enjoyable way.

Our previous expeditions add to our ever-growing understanding of other cultures and exciting adventures; please get in touch to find out more.

Step 2 – Booking

Once you decide on your preferred destination, My Expedition Rocks will build a detailed itinerary for you and your group, detailing your flight, accommodation and activity package, as well as the important ancillary information such as insurance details, medical considerations equipment list suggestions and training preparations.

Booking with My Expedition Rocks takes all of the stress out of organising the expedition, leaving you to get on with your training and preparation.

Step 3 – Preparation

Depending on your chosen destination and activities, we will suggest a calendar of preparation activities, from regular light walking to more adventurous UK-based hill or mountain days. My Expedition Rocks can support your preparation through both recommended reading around the area, culture, language and customs, right through to organising training days in the time before we depart on the expedition proper.

Step 4 – Depart

Your guide, or guides for the expedition will meet you at the agreed rendezvous, typically the departure point for UK expeditions, or a UK airport for overseas expeditions. They will take on all logistics for the expedition, unless there is a desired learning outcome for youth expeditions, in which case they will support closely, ensuring everyone makes safe choices.

Step 5 – Having a Great Time!

The time all your effort has been working towards; it’s time to experience something new and have the time of your lives! Our experienced team will make sure that every day of your expedition is an experience to remember. Even if some of the days are hard, our aim it to ensure that your expedition with us is a time that you will cherish forever.


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