Whether in the UK or Overseas, trust us to guide you to your next adventure!

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Let Us Show You The Way

Expeditions mean different things to different people. Whether you are looking for a single day exploring the UK’s hills or countryside, or are looking to take a group to the far corners of the globe, My Expedition Rocks have the experience, expertise and enthusiasm to ensure that your expedition is one of a lifetime!

We have a full range of activities on offer, from hillwalking days and charity challenges to overseas guiding, group and school expeditions, always with a focus on exploration.

Our Expeditions

UK Expeditions

The UK has a wealth of beautiful hills and countryside to explore. We can help you find your next adventure, and maybe something about yourself!

Overseas Expeditions

If you’re looking for an overseas experience for yourself or your group, we can plan and deliver your adventure, drawing on extensive experience of helping people explore.

What is an Expedition?

What does the word ‘expedition’ mean to you?
We believe that it means something that challenges you, in terms of your own experience, ability or endurance. This doesn’t have to mean an expedition is terrifying or incredibly demanding, but that it broadens your horizons, exposes you to new skills and leaves you fulfilled, hungry for the next experience.

Expedition Pathway

What can you expect when you book an expedition with us? Depending on the complexity of your booking, there are several stages that we put in place to prepare you, or your group, properly for the expedition you’re undertaking.

We have a clear pathway that we follow when developing your expedition, detailing what to expect, when things will happen and what you need to do.