Frequently Asked Questions

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Are our age limits flexible on our children’s programmes?  Especially the lower limits.

Yes they are.  Before booking though it would be worth considering your own child and whether they would be able to cope with the full day of activity.  On the odd occasion some children at the lower end of the age limit still find the day harder, whereas younger ones are ok.  If you would like to talk to us about this, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We would also like to mention, in some instances the scale is quite large from 7-15 years old, and this can be daunting especially for younger kids, and feel equally as difficult for the older kids.  We do endeavour to split them as required to complete different tasks in their respective age groups, this doesn’t usually apply to climbing so.  This helps us engage them and teach them additional skills as they may have better motor skills, or be able to complete tasks that require significant and in-depth explanations.


Can you run bespoke days for children, families or adults?

We can run any of these activities on a bespoke basis, in any format that suits you.  It will however attract a bespoke cost, and we will tailor the entire duration to your needs and requirements.  For example, 3 hours, full day or multiple days.


My son/daughter is 15, can he/she join me on an adult course?

We unfortunately have to draw the line somewhere, and we decided to make this 16 due to changes in law for 16 and 17 year olds, but to also allow them an opportunity to join our courses outside of our child courses.  Due to the nature of our activities though we ask parents to still attend as a paying participant for the protection of this young person.