Romantic Adventures

5 ideas for a valentines adventure

Romantic Adventures

Let me start by being completely honest, I really don’t like Valentines day. If you’re like me and find it a cringey, commercialised, waste of money, then you’ve come to the right blog post. I do however, think its a fabulous excuse to go on a romantic adventure that doesn’t cost an arm or a leg! It’s the thought that counts right…

So here are five ideas to get your romantic adventure juices flowing:

  1. Wild Camping – if you’ve got the gear, why not spend the night away from the hustle and bustle and get out under the stars. It’s a chilly time of year so be sure to take proper supplies and be sure to leave no trace.
  2. Picnic with a view – pack up your favourite treats and head out to a scenic spot for some food. If you’re struggling for inspiration on where to go check our Brimham Rocks, Ilkley Cow & Calf, Embsay, Fewston Reservoir, or Pendle Hill.
  3. Sunset walk – they don’t call it golden hour for nothing. Check out our other blog on local adventures for ideas as to where to walk.
  4. Go climbing – climbing is loads of fun, requires you to put complete trust in someone and if you’ve not done it before, you can have a laugh trying something completely new.
  5. Stargazing – check the forecast for a cloud free night and drive out to a spot in the countryside as far away from buildings and light as possible. There’s some great free apps such as Star Chart to help you find out about what you’re looking at.

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