The Adventures of Lockdown

Keeping Active at Home

The adventures of lockdown

The initial concept

So admittedly when this all kicked off I did wonder what was going to happen to both my business and being stuck at home. Who knows how anything like this pans out over a prolonged and indefinite period.

So I decided to get stuck in to the outstanding jobs initially, the ones which provoke involuntary yawning. Once these were done, I was on with how can I entertain 2 and 6 year old thugs not designed to be cooped up. initially I was very shallow with immediate activities, like football and cycling. They soon either got bored, or it didn’t hold their imagination long enough for me to get much done.

The master plan, hatched!!!

So I knew the idea was to entertain and educate them over a protracted period, I have them 4 days on and then they head to their mums for 4 days, so opportunity to recuperate and rethink.

I started by building a saw horse for Dora, which she could practise using a folding saw, which also would need decorating by the both of them, then this was quickly followed by building a mud kitchen from the old kids bed I had upstairs with not a clue of what to do with it prior to this.

Part of the new infrastructure

This was then married with teaching Dora how to saw, use a knife, which Santa had brought her for Christmas. Otto has since spent many hours playing with the kitchen, spilling water all over the place and himself, and using and experimenting with many utensils. He is also randomly attached to the yard brush, and sweeping the drive, the yard and a little bit of the street.

No need for a street cleaner here Lancashire CC, we’re covered

The next plan just randomly popped in to my head once Dora asked me about a plant between the flags. We get a lot of maple keys flying around in the autumn and it’s surprise they find their way between the cracks of the flags. We immediately set to rescuing a couple from the yard and the driveway. Whilst out on one of many bike rides along the canal, we added to our complement of tress, by taking some willow cuttings. We planted up the maples in pots and placed the willows in water. This is so we could see the progress of their development over time. We also had an excess of garlic, so placed 3 cloves in a pot just to see what happens.

Dora is continually fascinated with how they are progressing. And when at her mums will try to keep her up to date on what’s happening. We have now planted some elder cuttings to see what transpires.

Another thing I got Dora and myself in to which I usually do when working abroad or away for an extended period is letter writing. I have managed to sort her out three pen pals from school. She has enjoyed writing and receiving correspondence from her friends, and find it a romantic period of our past that we are quickly losing sight of the benefits.

We also had a fire, which was to engage both of them, and it captured their imagination in different ways. For Dora, it was nice to watch, whereas Otto loved the benefits of fire up on the uncooked condition of the marshmallow. I lost track of how many he ate, probably explained the late night, but it was definitely worth it.

Lastly we’re now waiting for the elder flower to start coming through. I am super keen to make elderflower champagne, and have been for some time, and Dora does like a forage. Something Otto also likes is a job, so I am confident this will also keep him entertained. We have some bramble that was cut yesterday, which I am keen to turn in to string with Dora, and will be making an instructional video of at one point for you guys to get involved with as well. We are still watching the magnificent progress of our plants daily, and still writing our letters.

Let us know what you’re up to, we’re super keen for ideas, and always nice to have more.

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