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Campervan Travel

We all need projects, I think it is what keeps us sane and ambitious.  And I think it is more important that the projects are not just achievable but something we can get excited about.  Early this year I decided it had been long enough, I was getting a van.  I have wanted a van for some time now, but keep putting it off.  I trawled the internet, through eBay and other sites to find my potential love.  I wanted something that needed some form of renovation with good miles on it.  I found the good old Volkswagen an extremely popular choice, and I know getting parts for these isn’t hard.  But every Tom, Dick and Harry has got one.  I wanted to be a little different, so I was set on the Mercedes Vito.

Annoyingly I found an attractive vehicle up in Glasgow, it was a VW T4, it looked in good nick, but with potential to make it my own.  I arranged to go see it, and was ready for my project to begin.  But as luck would have it, a Mercedes Vito became available in Thirsk, only a stones throw away.  88,000 on the clock and various issues cosmetically, I could not only get a lot more miles out of it, but I could seriously make it my own.  I headed up with my Step Father, to go check it out.  I could see the rust, and I could see the issues, it is definitely a project.  I could maybe learn a little about vehicle maintenance along the way. Sold, I was smitten, I headed back feeling like something wasn’t quite right, but I knew just the man to give it a check for me.

Mechanically I am inept

PR Autos in Crosshills is brilliant, Ian is guaranteed to be honest and fair with anything he finds, and I knew he would probably look at it and think, ‘why did you buy this?’.  Since, I also want to get a bed settee in the back, I got this quoted alongside the pop top roof I want in the long term as well.  This vehicle is going to do some mileage, and I need it to be comfortable.  I would definitely like it to be a camper van that I can use throughout my children’s younger years’, so there is some significant mileage in that already.

Cosmetically and general fixing is my thing

I have started to buy everything I need to get the van looking a little less dishevelled.  I have replaced a rear light case, replaced the two front lights which had some random damage on them, replaced the check strap on the drivers side door, fitted a new and more appropriate car stereo.  I also replaced the drivers side mirror after I broke it reversing out of a garage.  What a plank.  Anyway, next I need to get in to the wiring, replacing the existing wiring.  This includes, new lights in the back, USB sockets, housings for my speakers and an inverter with plug socket.  I am not sure what else to wire in, but that should be enough for the moment.

Body work and colour

One of the previous owners did a lot of their own fixes I believe, and it definitely shows how naff they were.  There is distinct inability to spray the body work only, but a bit of everything, including light cases and sliding mechanisms to name a few.  I am going to clean these off and have the body work seen to properly as there are a few dents.  I would love to have it body wrapped at one point, with my company details on, but as that is still in the pipeline, I have to hold off for now.  Instead I will just have to get the vehicle touched up and the rust cleaned off.  There is also some cracked plastic body work, which I would like to replace myself as it is fairly straight forward and relatively inexpensive thanks to the world of eBay and online shopping.


I will keep regular major updates on here as they happen, as I feel this could germinate in to quite a unique way of travel for me.  Something I am not used to, but could easily get in to.  I have already done a road trip over a weekend with my daughter.  This included heading to Warwick Castle, Stone Henge and then Chester Zoo.  Stayed one night in the camper and another in a B&B.  It was great and we got loads out of it.  Dora wanted to make the beds, have a hot chocolate, etc.  I think she got in to it more than me.  Awesome.

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